Hello, my name is Mia.

I am twelve years old. I like to do gymnastics and acting and modeling. I go to gymnastics every Wednesday together with my friends. I come from Copenhagen in Denmark. But now I live in Karlslunde, outside Copenhagen, with my mom, dad and little brother. My house is next to a field. I have a rabbit and my little brother has a hamster. My rabbit’s name is Sløjfe and the hamster’s name is Pjuske. I have many friends and my best friend is Emily.

My hair color is brown and I have curly hair. My eye color is blue. I like to wear jeans and t-shirts.

My favorite food is sushi and pizza. I like to be outside in the good weather. I like to fly to other countries such as France and the US. I go to school in Karlslunde. I love to speak other languages. My favorite subjects are English and Danish. Me and my dad like to take photos together.

Me and my mom like to go shopping together. I like to sing in the shower. But I am not such a good singer. Me and my mom play family games all Friday. We play Matador Junior, Shoe Memory and Uno. My favorite shops are Normal, Abercrombie and Fitch, Gina Tricot and Pieces.

I was born on 14 December 2003. I cannot sit still. I am not shy. I say ‘hello’ to people I don’t know. My favorite colors are black and white.


  • Name : Mia Hoffmeister
  • Country : Denmark
  • Hometown : Karlslunde
  • Height : 160cm 
  • Hair : Brown
  • Eyes : Blue


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